About Oštro


Work in progress

Oštro, a center for investigative journalism in the Adriatic region, was formed out of the realization that the space for quality journalism is inexorably shrinking. Traditionally structured media companies in many countries in the region are trapped in a centrifuge of interest groups and inadequate business models, forced to beg for clicks and produce a relentless stream of »shocking« stories. The audience has lost almost all its illusions about journalism, and many choose to reject the media because they see it as a part of the problem – which it is.

But journalism has never been as badly needed as it is today, in a time of abundance of deceptive information accompanied by the decay of democratic principles. Who will monitor the centers of power when all media become bloodthirsty click beggars and all journalists become tired line workers behind the conveyor belt of daily news? Who will watch over transparency in public spending? Who will keep an eye on government officials? Who will follow crime of all kinds across international borders?

No, Oštro is not a magical solution to this complicated and harmful situation, but it is better than the status quo.

Oštro will nurture investigative and data journalism, champion the »right to know« as one of the fundamental human rights, spread journalistic knowledge, and contribute to the cultivation of future generations of journalists.

Oštro will investigate topics that are in the public interest for people in the Adriatic region (Slovenia, Croatia, Italy) and the neighborhood.

Oštro was established on 30 March 2018. It is a work in progress.

Oštro is not a magical solution for this harmful situation, but it is better than the status quo.

No trespassing

Oštro is not for sale — not for money, nor influence, nor clicks. It has no list of untouchable individuals. It is uncompromising and radically transparent. It runs no advertisements. It doesn't owe anything to anyone.

Oštro will exclusively serve the public interest and produce journalism that rejects both the agenda set by the traditional media and the false imperative to produce a constant stream of minor daily stories.

Oštro will collaborate with similar journalistic organizations.

Oštro will proactively reveal any actual or perceived conflicts of interest.

Oštro will not reveal its sources under any circumstances, and it will employ all available methods to ensure the highest possible confidentiality for its sources.

Oštro will conduct its business in a transparent and public manner. It will be financed from grants and from its own income. Oštro will be grateful for any donations — all of which will be used exclusively to advance its mission of excellent journalism.