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Medical devices concern everyone, yet no one really cares about them. Certainly not as much as about medicines. In the framework of a global investigation project by the International Consortium of Journalists and its media partners, the Implant Files, we found that the regulation of medical devices in Europe – and in Slovenia – is largely inadequate and full of loopholes. And the patients are completely at the mercy of this system. A system that is ruled by manufacturers and their business secrets, one that treats the public merely as a fly in the ointment of development.


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International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ)

Editor-in-Chief: Anuška Delić

Authors: Anuška Delić, Maja Čakarić, Oštro Staff

Photography: Matej Povše

Design: Studio Mashoni

Summaries of ICIJ stories: Monika Čvorak, Katarina Bulatović

Translation: Nataša Šilec

Video subtitles: Dobre zgodbe

Media partner: Večer